The Kalandia Series: Book Two

... Dixiane Hallaj's enthusiasm for the subject shines through.  Her in-depth research and experiences with refugee Palestinian families breathe life into the story.  The minute attention to factual detail ensures that the reader can easily envision what life was like for the Palestinian refugees and gives a ring of truth to the characterization.  Hallaj's authorial voice is easy to read and interesting to the reader.  Her skill with language shows in the manner in which she uses words in slightly unusual, yet effective ways. 
---[Judge's Comments] - Judge 19th Annual
Writer's Digest
Self-Published Book Awards
referring to Refugee Without Refuge,
the  precursor of Checkpoint Kalandia
*Muhammad's journey through rage and heartbreak
The Kalandia Series: Book Two
Buffeted by the relentless and oppressive military occupation and the demands of the family, Muhammad is overwhelmed. He makes a fateful decision.

*Kareema narrates her life after the fateful Land Day Demonstration in KAREEMA'S STORY The Kalandia Series: Book Three
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