A science fiction novel about the inhabitants of a planet on the brink of a natural disaster.  An exploratory ship from Earth lands on the planet and struggles with their own moral values as they consider the options of helping the indigenous population, or using the population for purposes that relieve an overcrowded Earth from sacrificing members of their own population to gain transportation of human colonists to new planets.

Adam is in danger of flunking out of wizard school when his unexpected performance on his third year project surprises him as much as his tutors.
As a result of this success, he is sent to an alternate universe to discover how to avert disaster on a planet called Earth.  He is aided in his search for answers by Ava Brown, whose family befriends him.  He tries desperately to impress Ava as he falls deeper and deeper in love with her.
KAREEMA'S STORY - The Kalandia Series: Book Three
Just as Kareema thinks she has put the past behind her, the world changes before her eyes. Her new life has a dark side. Can she cope?
TEAR GAS AND RUBBER BULLETS: Violent reactions to Non-violent actions
A short look at the phenomena of disproportionate government reactions to protests and other nonviolent actions of civil disobedience. What is civil disobience? Why does nonviolence so often provoke violence?